Populations Served

Your SLP has experience working with children and adults across the age spectrum in multiple care settings. We provide comprehensive speech, language, and social communication services to a wide variety of presentations and diagnoses. Our senior SLP also has extensive rehabilitation and acute care experience working with adults with swallowing disorders; please contact us directly for information on these services.

Assessment Services

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A standard assessment is guided by the client’s age and specific concerns. Here is what is involved:

  • A consultation with our Intake Coordinator to identify areas of need.
  • An interview with parents/guardians and/or the client to gather relevant information
  • A review of reports or other documents from school or other health care practitioners (doctors, audiologists, previous SLPs, etc.).
  • An informal play, reading, or other interaction session, depending on the client’s age and presenting concerns.
  • Standardized testing, as appropriate.

Most assessments are between 1 and 1 1/2 hours long. Longer assessments may be spread over several days, depending on needs. This is the most comprehensive way to determine a person’s unique profile, develop goals for treatment, and measure progress. We provide a brief consult note, included with the initial assessment fee. If longer, more detailed report is required, please discuss this with your SLP. Additional charges will depend on the length and detail of the document that is requested.

Therapy Services

Treatment goals and number of sessions required to reach therapy goals aren't predicable. Success in therapy is determined by many factors, such as underlying diagnoses, severity, and motivation. Regular attendance and parent involvement in therapy are strong predictors of therapy success. Our policies ensure that attendance criteria are met in order to maximize the benefits of therapy.

Screening Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This service examines your child’s social communication behaviours: the quality of your child’s communicative interactions with you and their environment . This involves parent/guardian interview, a screening questionnaire (depending on your child’s age) and observations of your child interaction's. This service helps doctors determine the appropriate diagnosis for your child or what next steps to take to help. It may also help determine the need for a full speech-language assessment, if it is determined that your child’s behaviours may be caused by difficulties in language expression or understanding