Populations Served

Your SLP has experience working with children and adults across the age spectrum in multiple care settings. ESLS provides comprehensive speech, language, and social communication services to a wide variety of presentations and diagnoses. Your SLP also has extensive rehabilitation and acute care experience working with adults with swallowing disorders; please contact us directly for information on these services.

Assessment Services

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A standard assessment is guided by the client’s age and specific concerns. Here is what is involved:

  • A consultation prior to the program to identify your child’s specific strengths and areas of need
  • An interview with parents/guardians or the client to gather historical and current information
  • Review of reports or other documents from school or other health care practitioners (doctors, audiologists, previous SLPs, etc.)
  • An informal play, reading, or other interaction session, depending on the client’s age and presenting concerns (audio-recorded for analysis)
  • At least one standardized test

Most assessments are between 1 1/2 and 2 hours long and may be spread over several days if observations at day care or school are necessary. There are no additional charges for day care or school visits within St. Thomas city limits. This is the most comprehensive way to determine a person’s unique profile, develop goals for treatment, and measure progress. If a report is required, please discuss this with your SLP. Additional charges will depend on the length and detail of the written documentation that is required.

Therapy Services

Treatment goals and number of sessions suggested are determined by need. Parent involvement in therapy is a strong indicator of any therapy program’s success, and so parents are encouraged to participate in every individual therapy session.

Your SLP is certified to lead Hanen ® parent training workshops. Because parents spend more time with their child than anyone else does, implementing language strategies at home benefits a child as much as – if not more than – individual therapy sessions. Participation in Hanen ® workshops is also the most cost-effective way to receive therapy while providing social support from other families learning the same strategies. Once your child is assessed, you and at least 5 other parents/guardians learn research-based ways to help your children learn language or social communication skills. Here is what is involved:

  • 6 evening or weekend classroom-based sessions that are approximately 2.5 hours each
  • 3 individualized sessions in your home where you will be video recorded interacting with your child and using the strategies taught. Analysis and feedback of each recording occurs during the session. These sessions are spaced throughout the workshop as you develop your knowledge
  • A Hanen ® guidebook to use during the workshop and keep for your own reference
  • A 6-month post-workshop check-in consultation with your SLP
  • A minimum of 6 registrants is required to implement this program. A limit of 8 registrants per group is suggested. A “registrant” is one or two parent(s) or guardian(s) registered for the workshop

Screening Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This service examines your child’s social communication behaviours: the quality of your child’s interactions with you and his or her environment with and without the use of language. This involves parent/guardian interview, a screening questionnaire (depending on your child’s age), observations of the child interacting with you and interactions with the child by your SLP (when possible). This service helps doctors to determine the appropriate diagnosis for your child or what next steps to take to help. It may also help determine the need for a full speech-language assessment, if it is determined that your child’s behaviours may be caused by difficulties in language expression or understanding