Why Elgin Speech & Language Services are right for you

In Ontario, families have a choice to receive services through the public or private sectors. When you choose Elgin Speech & Language Services, you do not wait on months-long waitlists for service. This enables you to get your child’s profile of strengths and areas of concern identified to get the help he or she needs right away. Check out the Resources section for information on the importance of early identification and treatment as they relate to children’s brain development.

  • Per hour, one hour minimum.
  • A brief consult note is provided with this fee
  • Extra time over 1 hour is billed at 15-minute increments
  • visit the Services section for details
One-to-One Therapy, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • half-hour individual therapy session
  • Extra time over 30 minutes is billed in 15-minute increments
One-to-One Therapy, Communicative Disorders Assistant
  • half-hour individual therapy session
  • Extra time over 30 minutes is billed in 15-minute increments

Payment Options

All fees for service are paid directly to ESLS by the client. Payment can be made by email money transfer, credit card, cheque, or cash. A detailed invoice is provided for every session for insurance and/or tax purposes.

Reimbursement Options

Speech-language assessment and treatment services are covered by most extended health benefits and do not require a physician’s referral. Please refer to your policy for your family’s coverage amount and your insurer’s procedures for reimbursement. Speech-language assessment and treatment services paid out of pocket can be claimed as a medical expense for a given tax year.

Fee Schedule

Please refer to the Services section of our site for details about what is involved in each type of session.