Any interaction is an opportunity to teach language!

Any interaction is an opportunity to teach language!

Sometimes, parents think that therapists just have all the best toys in their offices, and that’s how they get their children to talk. Nope! For small children, any interaction is a language learning opportunity! There is always something to talk about from morning to night.

In the morning, talk about being awake and the sun coming up. Chat about your breakfast and how yummy it tastes. During the day, talk about clothes, toys, the weather outside or talk about the pictures in a favourite book. In the evening, talk about setting the table, the food on your plate, and what happened during your day. For bedtime talk about your pyjamas, brushing your teeth, act out your favourite story, or sing a song about the moon. Think about key words you can repeat over and over during your day in different situations such as “more” or “blue.” You could talk about wanting more milk at breakfast, more toys during the day and more singing in the evening. Point out all the blue things you see all day and talk about what they are!

It is so important for language learners to hear language, especially simple language they understand (but not too simple! Click here for more information on what kind of sentences to put together). Don’t forget to pause and give kids the opportunity to comment, as well. Get face to face and get excited! If you’re excited to talk and comment, your child will be, too!

By Caitlin Murphy, Communicative Disorders Assistant


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