Do my benefits cover speech therapy?

Do my benefits cover speech therapy?

In my experience, most people who receive supplementary benefits through their employer(s) have coverage for Speech-Language Pathology. Two types of coverage exist.

In some cases, Speech-Language Pathology services are covered under the umbrella heading of “Licensed” and/or “Registered” health care practitioner. In our Ontario, “Speech-Language Pathologist” is a protected title that can be held only by persons registered in the College of Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. Therefore, you can use your benefits coverage amount for the services of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

In other cases, insurance benefits provide coverage for Speech-Language Pathology or Therapy specifically. That is, they have a specific amount of money available that you can use for assessment, therapy, or both to a set amount.

Another way that insurance benefits cover service is by paying a certain amount or percentage per visit, up to a maximum amount per year.

Yearly supplemental insurance amounts range for speech assessment or therapy services. The lowest annual amount I have seen is $500, and the highest is $1500. Some can be lower and some can be higher, sways check with your insurance company for exactly how much coverage you have and how you will be reimbursed. In all cases, a doctor’s note is not required for you to be reimbursed. Also, in all cases, an invoice with specific details needed by the insurer for reimbursement is provided to you.

So, there you have it. In any case, whether you choose to receive services publicly or privately, if you have a concern with your child’s speech or language development…don’t “wait & see”!

(A very big “THANK YOU” to a friend for providing me some extra information regarding benefits coverage).



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